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One of the key signs of health in Traditional Chinese Medicine is energy level.  When you think about it, one of the significant differences between you at 8 years old and you at 80 years old will be your level of energy.  Think of the last time you were sick, perhaps with the flu or a cold, your energy level drastically decreased.  High energy level is a sign that your body is healthy and vibrant.  If you are suffering with low energy, it often your body’s way of warning you to take action;, to rest, get proper sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and nourish your body with proper nutrients.  

In herbal medicine, there is a category of herbs called adaptogens that help your body to better handle stress and bring you back to a state of balance.  When energy level is low adaptogens also help to increase energy.  The formula PH Optimal Energy has the adaptogenic herb Ashwaganda, an anti-aging herb that also boosts immunity, aids in digestion, and aids in glucose management. Another key ingredient is Shilajit. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found in shilajit helped reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in test subjects.

PH Optimal Energy is an all natural herbal formula that helps to increase energy level without any caffeine or stimulant.  Instead of side effects, PH Optimal Energy is full of side benefits. If you wake up in the morning hitting the snooze button wishing you could stay in bed longer, if you can’t function without that first cup of coffee in the morning, if you rely on energy drinks to function, it’s time to take action to restore your energy level naturally with Optimal Energy.



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