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Parasympathetic Reset Program

Do you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety? Are you ready to reset your nervous system and live from a calmer, clearer state?

The Parasympathetic Reset Program is a 25-day program containing three products specially formulated to assist your body to return to a state of optimal functioning.
What exactly is a parasympathetic state? 
It is the opposite of the "fight or flight" state that gets way more attention in our society. Fight or flight, or the sympathetic mode of the autonomic nervous system, is the state we are in when we feel stressed, defensive, anxious, etc. 
The parasympathetic state is just the opposite! Our autonomic nervous system switches over into this "rest and digest" state known as the parasympathetic state when it feels safe to be calm. From this state our body is able to function optimally as well as repair and regenerate.
This program is for you if you are starting your Signature Glucose Program and you are ready to commit to supporting your body as it returns to a state that allows for healing and restoration!
  • Stress Regulator
  • Energy Regulator
  • Sleep Regulator

Stress Regulator: 100 capsules

Directions: Take two capsules, two times a day with a meal.

• Supports the body’s ability to handle stressful situations*

• Contains key herbs that effectively control the nervous system*

• Has blood purifying herbs to remove toxins and impurity buildup*

 Helps you feel 100% even on stressful days*

 Balancing for all body types*


Energy Regulator: 100 capsules

Directions: Take two capsules, two times a day with a meal.

Increases energy levels without any caffeine or stimulants*

• Contains adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha, an adaptogens that assists the body resist physical and mental stress*

• Ashwagandha is also an anti-aging herb that also boosts immunity, aids in digestion, and aids in glucose management*

Contains shilajit which has been shown to reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome*

Helps your body to better handle stress*



Sleep Regulator: 100 capsules

Directions: Take two capsules, two times a day with a meal.

• Promotes mental calmness and helps control anxiety*

• Supports Restful Sleep*

• Supports Restful Sleep*

• Helps to relieve stress and tension*

• Energizes the brain to help promote learning*

• Supports all cognitive functions (alertness, organizing, etc)*

• Improved short and long-term memory*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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