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 Introduction Valencie Exceus, AP, DOM - Creator of Primordial Herbs

Dr. Valencie Exceus, Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine - Owner of Highpoint Healing and Wellness and Primordial Herbs. "Dr. Vie" is licensed by the state of Florida and is board certified through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).With these accomplishments Dr. Vie has been helping patients since 2006 and this is when Highpoint Healing and Wellness was created.



Better Health; Better Life!
You know it; yes you feel it.
Do you think all those preservatives and harmful chemicals are assaulting your body on a daily basis? Are you sick and tired of regular issues such as acne, cholesterol, sexual health, colon problems and more? Do you feel there is a better solution out there but don't know where to start?
Well, it is the right time to return to our roots and get the healing you need.
Primordial Herbs offers an entire line of all natural, effective herbal formulas with NO fillers or binders that pervade the space, offering you a cleaner supplement that supercharges your health. 
No more relying on chemically loaded supplements!
Switch to these all-natural products and get amazing results.
Primordial Herbs embraces the healing and enhancing qualities of natural occurring plants and herbs that have powerful properties to transform your health. When you start using these products, you will actually experience the improvements ranging from reducing blood pressure and stress, to increasing mental clarity. Clean natural solutions with the freshest ingredients will help you jumpstart your health goals easily.
A better solution is here – that will take your health to a next level!
Do not wait!
You are living a busy lifestyle, and we understand the pace and demands of modern living don’t always allow time to rest and rejuvenate. You are running fast, ultimately leading further down a path of poor personal health.Come and break the cycle.Tap into these exceptional products and remove the blockages that are pushing you back. 
Add fuel to the fire with the help of Primordial Herbs.
These products are sourced directly from Mother Nature; and uniquely crafted formulations aim to deliver improved mental and physical wellness!
No matter your personal goals, Primordial Herbs is ready to help you reach those goals. Regardless of gender or current bill of health there are copious affordable natural supplements to aid your journey. 
Take the first steps today, for a healthier tomorrow.
Start Your Journey!  
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