Solutions for Those Who Are Ready


New Year's Resolutions

As the year 2021 comes to an end this week, some of us may be aware that we are wanting to make some New Year’s Resolutions.

Maybe we’ve heard others talking about their approaching resolutions. Maybe we’ve seen a “New Year, New Me” social media post or two. Maybe it’s just become a habit to ponder who you would like to show up as in a brand new year. 

We are all for people making resolutions to better themselves and their lives. What we would love to recommend is to be sure to add sufficient amounts of grace alongside those resolutions. 

Some people want to make huge 180 degree changes that end with their drive fizzling out by the second week of January. 

We want to remind you that big changes start small and change does not happen in a straight line

Let’s say you want to lose the weight you’ve gained during quarantine. You may think “Oh my God I gained weight and now I have to lose it all over again.” To the tune of being ashamed that you gained weight back and discouraged to go through the process of shedding it yet again. 

Here’s a revolution in two wordsSO. WHAT. 

We judge ourselves because we think the world is judging us. But really who gives a sh*t if they are judging. Who cares if last year I was smaller than I am this year. That’s evidence that I can lose the weight again - or not! 

You have these high standards as if you are not a human being and then you’re judging yourself for being human!

We work with humans. We are all human. It’s okay to be human. It’s ok that life is messy and sometimes you have to start over. And if you have to start over once or seven times SO WHAT! We get up and we keep going and we try again until it clicks! And then the day it finally clicks, the results are inevitable!

So let’s come together as the beautifully fallible humans that we are and say SO WHAT!

If you would like support for making any of these changes remember we are here for you. Dr. Vie offers effective coaching to assist you in navigating whatever changes you are wanting to make.